How to apply Thought to Data and produce miraculous results!

Hello Friends,

This is my first post. If you love computers and enjoy using them to produce specific results, then you are in the right place.  I have been always fascinated with the power of computers. I am a strong believer that Human brain is the world’s best and most powerful computer. When the physical computer is driven by the human computer towards specific objectives, we can make miracles and magic happen. This blog would be sharing my ideas,  insights and passion in this interesting field of Data Analytics/CAATs. I will be  sharing tips and tricks on the marriage of computer Technology with human intelligence to produce business and professional value. I will focus on how we can make the magic of technology a reality by application of intelligence to data to draw inference and insights.

I will be using this blog for updating you with my latest research and application in the emerging of data Analytics. I strongly believe that Data Analytics is real application of thought to Data. We all know that data by itself is useless and especially electronic data which is lying invisible inside a computer. However, when this data is harnessed with the power of analytics, we can gather insights which provide great value.

Let us ponder over the question whether Data Analytics is an art or science. What do you think. In fact, in the real world, we have two types of professionals in the field of Data Analytics.

1. The Data Scientist whose focus is on use of various statistical techniques to data. He/she is involved in developing intelligent applications which help users to draw inference from data and not just data Big data.

2. The Data Analyst whose focus is on drawing insights from data from a business perspective. He/she is a business domain expert who uses simple easily available features of MS Excel, application software, querying tools, utilities or CAATs to access, analyse and interrogate data.

Coming back to my question, with the great power of technology in terms of power, speed and memory, we can access and analyse massive amounts of data. This I would say is the science of data analytics. However, what query you run and how you draw further inference and apply it to real-life situations is art of data analytics. Without the art, science by itself is useless.

You can have the canvass, the paint, brushes and colors and when the paint of different colors are drawn on the canvas using the bushes what happens is science but what you paint, how you paint and why you paint at all the art of painting. Without the art, science is useless.

With all the power of technology, it is critical to harness and leverage this power to achieve enterprise objectives, this requires the use the science of data analytics and apply it with the perspective of art of data analytics to achieve specific goals.

Get ready to paint with power of CAAT.

iCAAT. Do you? Let us being the journey.

Happy CAATing.



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